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About Us

Association "Lastovica" is a non-governmental organization that promotes the rights of children and youth with special needs. The goal of this NGO is the comprehensive integration of individuals with special needs into all aspects of life. These children and young people have the right to equal participation in the community, just like everyone else. They deserve to have open doors in every aspect of life, including healthcare, education, culture, and public life. The necessity of raising public awareness in our country imposes the need for the functioning of our association precisely in that direction. Through the activities and efforts of this NGO, children and young people with special needs should find their place in society and feel like equal citizens, free from any discrimination. Since March 2012, as part of the organization, a center for education, relaxation, and rehabilitation with the same name has been opened, including creative workshops (ethno, art, music), basic computer skills, and all necessary individual and group therapies for children and young people with special needs. The smooth functioning of this center requires maximum dedication and a lot of energy, which fortunately are possessed by all those involved in the work of this center. The "Lastovica" NGO has branches (outpost units) in the eastern, western, and central parts of the country, which work and function with the same motto and goals as the central unit in Skopje.

Association "Lastovica" Prilep

Manager: Svetlana Mioković Tomeska
Contact phone: 078612712

Association "Lastovica" Gostivar

Manager: Mr. Redzep Musliu
Contact phone: 070 507975


Association "Lastovica" Vinica

Manager: Dimitar Spasov
Contact phone: 076492012


Career-Professional Training Center "Lastovica-Craftart" Skopje

Manager: Vesna Nolevska
Contact phone: 070392640

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